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The Quality Roofing Team’s Certifications & Training

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Quality Roofing has completed training and is certified to work with and warranty these products:

  • VMZinc facade applications are mechanically and aesthetically flexible, and work well with other building materials like wood, brick, cement, and glass.
  • GAF is the United State’s biggest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing, including the top-selling Timberline® Shingles with Advanced Protection®.
  • IB Roof Systems Certification
  • Tile Roofing Institute Certified Installation
  • Berridge Manufacturing Company – Water Tightness Warranties
  • Versico single-ply roofing systems include an EPDM line of VersiGard Roofing Systems, as well as heat weldable VersiWeld TPO and VersiFlex PVC Roofing Systems.