Shingle Roof Replacement Options for Your Home

shingle roof replacement options

Before deciding on new roofing for your Austin home, you need to compare the different options available for asphalt shingle roof replacement. The tastes of people are different – without an in-depth look at what each type of shingle has to offer (besides price!), it may be difficult to determine which will be best suited for your needs. We’ve compiled a short list of the merits of the basic 3-tab shingle, architectural shingles, and the elite designer shingles. Check out the information below, and begin determining the best roof for your home today!

3-tab shingles

Appearance -These shingle have a flat, blocky appearance, once widely popular as the top choice for shingle roofing.

Cost – As the most basic package, 3-tabs are by far the cheapest option when it comes to asphalt shingles. Costs do vary, but plan on spending around $20-$30 / bundle.

Material defect warranty – Also known as a manufacturers warranty, this option is available for a 20, 25 and 30 year lifespan. The warranty for 30 years is typically available by special order.

Architectural shingles

Appearance – The lower parts are laminated to create a beautifully contoured, dimensional design. This adds more color and depth, offering a uniquely variated appearance. Architectural shingles may be made to resemble materials like slate and cedar and hide the imperfections of the roofs better than the other types of shingles.

Durability – A bit more durable than the 3-tabs, architectural shingles are available with manufacturer’s warranties between 30 and 50 years. Although resistant to weather conditions, it is not recommended to use them for for roofs with low slopes.

Cost – The popularity of this shingles has increased over the years as a higher quality option in shingle roofing. The average cost is determined by per square footage and the cost will be higher in an upscale area. The shingles alone run about $27-$45 / bundle.

Specialty shingles

Specialty shingles (referred to also as designer or premium shingles) are top-quality, specialized products that come in a variety of materials and appearances, depending on the manufacturer. Tile shingles, for example, are expensive and carry a very specific design appeal, such as imitating slate or shakes. Other designer shingles are relatively new and are still gaining their share of the market.

Depending on how you look at this differences the choice of new shingles will be based on your preference and pocketbook, as well as the structural capacity of your home.

For more information on options available for your shingle roof replacement, contact our team at Quality Roofing. We have been serving the Austin area for many years.

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