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Many commercial property owners think that sloped roofs are more practical because they believe that flat roofs require much more maintenance and constant roof repair due to leaks and other water-related issues. However, it’s important to remember that flat roofs aren’t completely flat; they slope slightly to help shed water. As long as flat roofs are properly maintained, they should hold up just as well as any other type of roof.

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Flat Roof Repair San Antonio Austin


Quality Roofing provides property owners with a number of flat roof repair services to keep flat roofs in good shape for as long as possible.

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The following are just some of the flat roof repair services that Quality Roofing provides for commercial properties:

Replacing SPF Roofs

Many flat roofs make use of SPF (sprayed polyurethane foam). This material helps shed water when installed correctly, although it is not waterproof itself, it must be combined with a heavy waterproof coating. This coating can break down overtime, trapping moisture and causing seepage. It’s better to replace the SPF roof with a certified roofing system instead.

Replacing Separated Flashing Seams

To make sure the roof is waterproof, the flashing seams have to overlapped properly. Additionally, a certain amount of sealant has to be placed between the overlap. If the flashing seams have separated, it should be replaced.

Resealing Flashing Seams

Because flashings helps to bridge the transitions in the roof, they need to be sealed properly in order to prevent water from entering the roof system. This type of flat roof repair is simple and inexpensive.

Repairing Damaged Surfaces

The roof is exposed to all kinds of elements and debris, which means that every once in a while it can experience damage, whether it’s from broken branches, rocks or even someone walking across the roof. Damage to the membrane of the roof often leaves the underlayment showing, which exposes the roof to rain and other elements. Damage such as this should be repaired immediately.

Removing Ponding Water

One of the issues that flat roofs sometimes experience is that of ponding water. This can be a serious issue for asphalt based roof systems. Water that sits for more than two days can break down the asphalt of the roof. These are just some of the flat roof repair services offered to commercial property owners by Quality Roofing.

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