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The roof on your commercial building plays a vital role in protecting the structure beneath it, and neglecting it can have serious and costly consequences. Unless the roof is inspected on a regular basis, you may be unaware of deficiencies that can lead to leaks, interior damage or a structural failure.

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Roof Inspections Include:

Visual Inspection of the Roof
We survey the complete roof system, including flashings, drains and gutters. We locate and detail any deficiencies that need repair and note any possible maintenance issues.

Photographs and Deficiency Descriptions
You get a detailed description of any repair issues on an aerial photo of the building showing their specific locations.

Recommendations on Repairs
We provide a free estimate with recommended action items for each problem and advise you if there are any emergency repairs.

Life Span Analysis
We grade the overall condition of the roof and give you an estimate of its remaining life span.

Detailed Inspection Report
You get a detailed report that’s accessible online through our secure client portal that includes a budget matrix for the recommended repairs. Click here to view a sample report.

Budget Forecasting Assistance
We can also assist you with planning and budgeting for an eventual roof replacement.

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Benefits of Our Annual Maintenance Plan

A commercial roof inspection is a job for a skilled professional who knows how to safely and thoroughly assess its condition without causing any additional damage. At Quality Roofing, we recommend that you schedule roof inspections twice a year to maximize the performance and longevity of this costly asset.

Planning semi-annual roof inspections offers additional benefits:

Better Budget Management
You find it easier to budget for needed roof repairs and future replacements.
Manufacturer's Warranty Compliance
Roofing system manufacturers often require semi-annual inspections as part of their warranty.
Greater Peace of Mind
You have fewer worries about unexpected roof problems, leaks and damaging 
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