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What You Should Know about Flat Roof Replacement

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What You Should Know about Flat Roof Replacement

Property managers who are responsible for commercial flat roofs should make it a point to have them inspected periodically, because even the best system will eventually call for flat roof replacement. Rather than have some disaster happen, such as a major leak that causes damage to interior contents, it is far better to look for the warning signs ahead of time.

Signs of deterioration

There are some very obvious signs of deterioration that could indicate roof replacement needs. Ponding water, bad flashing, exposed tar paper, cracks and bubbles are all signs that the integrity of the roofing system has been compromised, and some kind of remedial action should be taken.

Flat roof qualities

Flat roofs have special qualities and needs that should be considered during regular inspections, because any of these that are not up to snuff can trigger the deterioration that will eventually lead to flat roof replacement.

  • Roof slope – ideally your flat roof should have anything from 1/8″ to 1/4″ per foot of slope so it can properly shed water
  • Roof drainage – related to slope, good roof drainage funnels water away from the roof and disposes of it, rather than allows it to accumulate
  • R-value – in a nutshell, R-value refers to the degree of insulation on your flat roof, which is important because of how it impacts heating and cooling costs for the building
  • Structural qualities – the structural weight load is the total amount of weight placed on a roofing structure, and too much weight will cause weakening of the overall structure. Any deficiencies or irregularities in the roofing structure will worsen the problem and hasten deterioration
  • Wind uplift – flat roofs are designed to resist wind up to specific speeds, and stronger winds can cause damaging wind uplift
  • Fire requirements – this refers to a roofing system’s resistance to the spread of flames, for which the roofing membrane is the primary deterrent

When it’s time to replace

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