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What You Need to Know about Roof Waterproofing

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What You Need to Know about Roof Waterproofing

The roofing system is your commercial building’s first line of defense against the elements, but it can be vulnerable to deterioration and leaks around fastener holes, caulking, base flashings and overlaps. Over time, foot traffic, wind, hail and exposure to harsh chemicals and the sun’s UV rays can also weaken the roof, shorten its lifespan and increase the possibility of water damage to the building’s interior. Having a knowledgeable professional like Quality Roofing apply a commercial roof coating can allow you to avoid these problems and protect the structure against potential damage.

Here are some key facts that you need to know about waterproofing a commercial roof:

Waterproofing Works on Most Types of Existing Roofs

Whether you currently have a metal, single-ply, modified bitumen or built-up roof, it’s usually possible to have a waterproof coating installed to extend its useful life. At Quality Roofing, our skilled technicians are trained and experienced in applying coatings from industry-leading Triton Incorporated. Their TRITOflex product creates a uniform, seamless rubber membrane that adheres and conforms to the existing roofing elements to avert damage caused by expansion and contraction, punctures, foot traffic and UV exposure.

A Commercial Roof Coating can Boost Energy Efficiency

Applying a TRITOtherm coating on top of your waterproofing layer can increase energy efficiency and lower your cooling costs. This acrylic and ceramic-based spray-on coating reflects UV rays and creates a thermal insulating barrier that reduces heat transfer significantly. Additionally, the coating provides enhanced protection against premature degradation of the underlying roof membrane.

Investing in Waterproofing Saves Time and Money

Tearing off and replacing an aging or deteriorating roof is typically a time-consuming, disruptive and expensive task. When you have a commercial roof coating applied instead, the spray-on installation process is quick and non-invasive, and it can cost up to 50 percent less than a traditional roof replacement.

Waterproofing is an Eco-Friendly Alternative

Having a waterproof coating installed over the existing roof on your commercial property eliminates the need to dispose of old materials at the local landfill. The coatings we use are also water-based, with no VOCs or odors so you can rest assured that you’re having a green, Eco-friendly product applied to your roof.

If you’re concerned about the condition of the roof on your commercial building, contact us at Quality Roofing. We’ll perform a free inspection and advise you whether applying a commercial roof coating is a viable option.

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