What You Need to Know about Roof Waterproofing & Coating |

What You Need to Know about Roof Waterproofing & Coating

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What You Need to Know about Roof Waterproofing & Coating

The roof on your commercial property endures a year-round onslaught from damaging UV and infrared radiation, wind, rain, hail, storm debris and foot traffic. Eventually, the roof is going to deteriorate to the point where a replacement is recommended.

Before you make that major investment, though, there’s another option that’s well worth considering: having a roof coating applied to rejuvenate and restore your existing roof system.

Commercial Roof Coating Facts and Advantages

The high-quality roof coatings available today are sprayed on to form a seamless, fully-adhered, waterproof membrane that can stretch and bounce back without tearing. This durable coating creates a new top layer that seals the existing roof system and protects it against exposure to the elements and physical damage. The more advanced coatings on the market are also water-based, odor-free and formulated without hazardous VOCs, so they’re environmentally-friendly.

Applying a roof coating not only lets you avoid the mess and disruption of a time-consuming tear off and replacement, it can cost 20 to 50 percent less than installing a new roof. A restorative coating can also be applied whether you have a modified bitumen, embedded gravel, single-ply thermoplastic (EPDM), built-up (BUR) or metal roof.

The Commercial Roof Waterproofing Process

Installing a waterproof coating on your roof is typically a fairly fast and non-disruptive three-step process that consists of inspection, preparation and application.

  • First, your roof is thoroughly inspected to locate any maintenance and repair issues that need to be addressed, such as seam separations, bubbling, poor drainage, ponding, flashing damage or decking deterioration.
  • After all the identified issues are corrected, the roof surface is pressure washed to remove any loose materials, mold or algae growth and built-up grime and ensure good adhesion.
  • Finally, once the roof surface is completely dry, a fully-trained and certified applicator sprays on the restorative waterproof coating in one application.

If you want to boost the building’s energy efficiency and lower your yearly heating and cooling costs, you can have a top coating added that’s specifically designed to reflect UV radiation and keep the roof system cooler by reducing thermal heat transfer.

Here at Quality Roofing, we’re proud to recommend and install the cutting-edge, sustainable commercial roof waterproofing solutions made right here in America by Triton Industries. To schedule an inspection and learn whether installing a commercial roof coating is a viable option to restore the roof on your Austin-area property, contact us today.

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