What to Expect from a Commercial Roof Inspection

What to Expect from a Commercial Roof Inspection

Here in the Austin area, the roof on a commercial building gets exposed to a yearly barrage of extreme weather that increases the chances of damage to the roofing material, the structure it covers and the contents inside. You can lessen the risk of roof problems by taking a proactive approach and scheduling regular roof inspections. When they’re performed by an experienced professional, routine inspections can help maximize the roofing system’s lifespan and let you avert issues that lead to leaks that can cause deterioration and interior damage or other related problems like mold growth.

The Importance of Timely Commercial Roof Inspections

To keep your commercial building in good condition, it’s recommended that you have the roof inspected twice a year by an experienced roofing specialist like Quality Roofing. Ideally, you should schedule an inspection in the late spring after storm season and the fall before cooler weather arrives. These seasonal inspections can help you pinpoint and address any minor deficiencies before they have a chance to escalate into more costly problems. Semi-annual inspections can also help you plan ahead for needed repairs or replacements and manage your property’s budget more effectively.

What Should a Thorough Commercial Roof Inspection Cover?

Hiring an experienced and trustworthy contractor to perform your roof inspection is critical, so be sure to check references and credentials. If you hire us to handle your commercial roof inspection, here are some of the key steps you can expect it to include:

  • Performing an in-depth visual survey of the roof to identify any problems that need attention.
  • Advising you whether any of the issues identified need immediate, emergency repair.
  • Furnishing you with an aerial photo of the property’s roofing system that shows you the location of each deficiency identified.
  • Assessing the overall condition of the entire roof system and offering an estimate of its expected lifespan.
  • Recommending the best corrective procedures for any issues identified, and providing the anticipated costs for needed repairs.
  • Providing you with a comprehensive inspection report that includes a budget matrix to help you plan and prepare for any necessary repairs or recommended improvements.
  • Offering expert advice and assistance to help you develop a maintenance program and a budget for future roof repairs or a replacement.

To learn more about how we perform a commercial roof inspection or to schedule a free assessment of your Austin-area property’s roof, contact us today at Quality Roofing.

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