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Trustworthy Austin Roofers Rely on GAF

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YGAF_Logo_jpgour Austin-area home represents your greatest investment. You depend on it for shelter, and it depends on you for proper maintenance. Your roof, literally, is the protection you and your family rely on against all types of weather, so products going on that roof must withstand hurricanes, thunderstorms, high winds and hail. Match a good product like GAF Advanced Protection Shingles, with reputable and trustworthy Austin roofers, and you have an investment you can be proud of.

GAF Advanced Protection Shingles


GAF is the first shingle manufacturer to state that all of its shingles pass the highest level of wind resistance tests, for wind speeds up to 150 miles per hour. GAF?s shingle testing, however, does not end with wind tunnels. GAF Advanced Protection Shingles are tested in seven areas:

  • Flexibility?GAF shingles retain their ability to flex over time, making them less prone to blunt force damage
  • Durability?damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun can break down a shingle quickly
  • Wind-Driven Water Penetration?GAF shingles resist rainwater pushed up under tabs by high winds
  • Granule Adhesion?shingles are water resistant because the granules are embedded in asphalt; the longer granules remain, the more water resistant the shingles are
  • Resistance to Wind Uplift?GAF?s Dura-Grip adhesive keeps shingles down even in high winds
  • Resistance to Fire?Class A fire rating, the highest possible
  • Resistance to Extreme Temperatures?from Montana winters to Arizona summers, GAF shingles shrug off the cold and reflect back the heat


Trustworthy Roofing Contractor


The high quality and thorough testing of GAF shingles will amount to nothing if the product is installed by substandard roofers. Your Austin-area home deserves and needs trustworthy Austin roofers. As homeowners, it is important that you only hire reputable contractors who have been trained and certified and know how to install the products they are using. Quality Roofing has been certified by GAF to install all their products and strives to earn your trust on every job.

We Hold Ourselves Accountable?we do not ignore callbacks; our work is done when our customers are satisfied

We are Honest?we do not oversell our customers; if we say you need a repair or re-roofing, you really need it

We are Here to Stay?some operators are here today, gone tomorrow, but Quality Roofing is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service throughout Austin and our entire service area

We Embrace Innovation?we constantly train and improve so that we can always bring the best new products to you, our customer

With the unbeatable combination of tested, tough GAF shingles and installation by Quality Roofing, the trustworthy Austin roofers, your home is protected. If you happen to have storm damage to your roof, contact Quality Roofing to discuss solid repair and replacement solutions.

Storm Damage