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The Dirty Little Secret About Roofing Warranties

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Your Austin-area home needs roof repair. You find three local contractors and get a roof repair estimate from each. You probably feel confident you have done all your homework – but what about the roofing warranties? How do they compare? Price alone is not the whole picture in a roof repair estimate, and the word “warranty” can mean many things. 

Contractor’s Warranty

The company installing the manufacturer’s warranted product will almost always provide a warranty. This contractor’s warranty protects you against mistakes made by the roofing crew. Quality Roofing, for example, spends time and money training our crews to install or repair your Austin home’s roof correctly, from drip edge to ridge vents. If your roof develops a problem due to our installation, the repair costs you nothing. We can be sure your roof repair is done correctly, and stand behind our work.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Just about every roofing product sold in the Austin area comes with a manufacturer’s warranty—for materials. This warranty states that manufacturing defects are warranted against failure for a specific length of time. The cost of the basic warranty against manufacturer’s defects is built into the cost of the shingles, metal roofing, or other material.

Quality Roofing is certified by several manufacturers:

  • GAF—GAF is America’s biggest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing, including the top selling Timberline® Shingles with Advanced Protection®.
  • IB Roof Systems Certification
  • Tile Roofing Institute Certified Installation
  • Berridge Manufacturing Company—Water Tightness Warranties
  • Versico single-ply roofing systems

When you examine the roof repair estimate from a prospective roofer, see if it describes the warranties offered, exactly what is and is not covered, and the length of time the warranty is in force. Remember, too, that your Austin home’s roof repair is more than a price tag.

A Full System Warranty

This is the warranty most people assume they have. A full system warranty can be obtained specially through a manufacturer – or as the simple result of having both a workmanship warranty from a contractor and a manufacturer’s warranty.


A roof repair estimate should also make clear a warranty’s cost—the more protection offered by the warranty, the higher its price. Your roof protects all your possessions and your family; make certain the right warranty protects your roof.

Contact Quality Roofing today to learn more about the warranties available for your Austin home.