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Be Wary of Roofing Storm Chasers

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Severe storms in the Austin area are frequently accompanied by high winds, flooding, hail, and tornadoes.  They can damage (or demolish) homes and businesses, threatening the safety of your family and loved ones.  In the wake of a storm, Quality Roofing receives many phone calls for repairs from homeowners desperate to keep their dwellings secure.  In the interest of the safety of our community, we’d like to extend some information about another worrisome effect of severe weather: storm chasers.

What is a Storm Chaser?

In the world of roofing contractors, many are talented, dedicated professionals. Many are startups looking for a way to make a living.  Many are just in it for some quick money.

Storm chasing contractors follow in the wake of a severe weather, trying to get “in” on the repairs.

How Can I Tell the Difference?

How can you tell if someone is a storm chaser? Frequently, they rush you through the process, or encourage dishonesty and embellishing the storm damage to roof when filing the insurance claim. Their goal is to maximize the amount of money they get. They will also show up uninvited, informing you that “you have a problem.” (Note: many reliable local contractors, if they notice roof damage on your home while they’re in the area, will stop by to offer services as a courtesy.)

Storm chasers also like to confuse their victims with paperwork and constant scheduling changes, making it difficult to perform inspections and keep track of what they’re doing. They are often unlicensed and uninsured, and believe they can make up for this by offering a “low” bid to repair or replace a roof. Unfortunately, the low bid is too good to be true: sub-par materials and hasty workmanship can leave your home in worse condition than before.

Stay Safe – Stay Local

Not every storm chaser is a scam, but unfortunately there is no way to be able to tell the difference in advance.  To save your finances and home, always take care to work with a local contractor with a written record of work completed within your area.  Look for someone who will be frank and honest with you and with your insurance adjuster about the storm damage to roof, and will take the time to answer all your questions. Check their licenses with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, and verify their insurance with the company on the paper. Ask for and follow up on references. Make sure any permits taken out are in the company’s name, and that the work is professionally inspected regularly.

Trusted Austin Roofers

Quality Roofing’s award-winning team of professionals are local, licensed, insured, and certified, and can fix the storm damage to roof. We have experience with metal, tile, flat, and shingle roofs and can work closely with you and your insurance company, from initial claim adjustment to final inspection.

Contact us directly when you have storm damage to a roof that requires repair or replacement.

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