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Safety First With Roof Repair!

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bigstock-Roofer-At-Work-6383980The hot sun and sometimes stormy weather in Austin often makes roof repair necessary. When hiring someone to do roof repair, homeowners often ask a lot of questions. One question that is often over-looked is the safety precautions repairmen have in place to make sure the job is done safely. Before allowing anyone on your roof, ask about their policies and make sure they include:

  • Wearing Harnesses – The harness will keep the worker from falling off the roof.
  • Ladder Safety – Make sure the ladder is stabilized and on solid ground.
  • Temporary Footholds on the Roof – This gives added security and makes slipping less likely.
  • Only Working in Dry Conditions – Rain can make the roof slippery and increases the likelihood of slipping.
  • Never Working Alone – This allows for quick help in case of an emergency, and helps workers avoid being in an awkward situation in regards to getting needed tools and supplies.
  • All Debris is Removed as They Work – Even something as small as a nail can cause a worker to step wrong and lose their footing.


If you go up on your roof to see if your roof requires repair, or you want to check on the quality of the job that was done, make sure you follow the above tips as well as the following:

  • Be Comfortable With Heights – Being nervous will make you less observant as you worry and could cause mistakes in footing.
  • Keep an Eye on the Roof and Not the Austin Skyline – It may be beautiful, but this is not the time to enjoy the view.
  • Check the Weather Report in Advance – Avoid the roof if thunderstorms or high winds are predicted. High winds make staying steady on your feet difficult and also make ladders less sturdy.


It is important to only hire roofers who practice good safety precautions. With these precautions, roof repair professionals you hire in the Austin area should be able to do a roofing job safely while making your roof secure and weather-resistant.

Quality Roofing is a certified and qualified roofing company in the Austin area, who believes the safety of our workers and your property is of utmost importance. We don’t cut corners and are known for our accountability and trustworthiness. When you are in need of roof repair or replacement, contact Quality Roofing.

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