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Soffits and Fascia and Drip Edges, Oh My!

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Typically homeowners spend very little time musing about what their Austin home’s roof is comprised of.

Fun fact: every part of your roof has a name.

The most familiar may be tiles, shingles and roof peaks. However, there are some additional pieces of your roof that not only have important functions, but also make your roof look a lot better in the process.

roofing contractor imageA Name for Everything

To make a roof not only look its best but last longer, too, roofing contractors here at Quality Roofing make sure that components to your roof installation are included for better leak protection, better wood protection, and to prevent animals, insects, and the weather from working their way into your home from underneath your roof’s edges.

These three things are: fascia boards/covers, drip edges, and soffits.

soffitfascia0Fascia Board and Cover—This is what “finishes” the front of your roof. The board and cover are attached to the end of the rafter tails to present a flat surface for guttering and aesthetics.

Drip Edge—This is used to push water away from the fascia so it won’t run into seams and cracks. Although this item is often the first one to be nixed when looking at a roof replacement bid, it is an incredibly important component to keep the structure from water damage and rot. It works alongside your gutter system to add years of reliability to your roof.

Soffit—A soffit is like a “ceiling” around the exterior of your roof that goes from the wall of the house to the edge of the fascia board. Not only does this greatly improve the looks of the home, but it keeps insects and birds from nesting under the edge of your roof, as well.

These three little things are very important structurally and aesthetically. When having a roof inspection done on your home, remind your roofing contractors to check the fascia and soffits for any damage. If your roofing system is lacking in anything, Quality Roofing can help. The expense is minimal, but benefits of “minor details” add integrity to your roof as well as value to your home.

If you’re planning on having your roof repaired, make sure you talk to Quality’s roofing contractors about having all your soffits, fascias, and drip edges examined and repaired, too.  Be sure to contact Quality Roofing for all your roofing needs.

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