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Roof Repair & Other Autumn Maintenance Tips

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BLOG - Oct 2015 - Fall home improvement projects

The cool of a quiet fall afternoon in Austin can mean fine outdoor working time. Attending to fall maintenance, from basic roof repair to yard work to your home’s exterior, is easy when you are not fighting a glaring Austin sun, pesky bugs, and scorching temperatures. 

Roof Repair

Quality Roofing does not recommend that homeowners perform their own roof repair. From the safety of the ground or on an extension ladder, assess your Austin home’s need for roof repair:

  • Do you see loose or missing shingles?
  • Is the flashing around chimneys and vents in place?
  • Do you see a lot of granules in the gutters?

These are common warning signs that you need professional roof repair. Autumn is an ideal time for Quality Roofing’s expert crews to tend to all your roof repair problems, from a missing shingle to a complete re-roofing.


Autumn brings fine weather for yard maintenance. If you have a lot of mature trees, the dormant grass allows you to trace tree roots invading your lawn, causing uneven ground. A mattock is a quick and handy tool for cutting out these surface roots and restoring your flat grass lawn.

The cooler fall weather is also a good time to consider other yard work:

  • Hardscaping—Moving large decorative boulders is easier when the ground is firm and the rock is cool to the touch
  • Outdoor painting—Outbuildings, fences and mailbox posts will benefit from a fresh coat of paint
  • Pruning back shrubs—Vigorous new growth is almost guaranteed when you trim back to remove dead, diseased or damaged branches where they branch off from stronger material
  • Inspecting and restoring lampposts, security lighting and driveway markers


Check the joints between your windows and siding. Caulk, which keeps out water and cold air, often degrades over time. Clean out the joint and squeeze in silicone caulk around exterior trim to provide a proper seal between window and wall.

Autumn is a good time to hand scrub your aluminum or vinyl siding. Avoid pressure washing, which can drive water under the siding, leading to mold. A Scotch-Brite® pad and a dilute solution of bleach and trisodium phosphate (TSP) restores siding, and hand scrubbing is much easier in cool weather than during summer.

Local Help Available

For assistance with the fall maintenance of your Austin home’s roof, contact us at Quality Roofing. We are ready to help with every type of roof and any needed repairs.

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