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Quality Roofing is Worth the Investment

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hreplacementWith the weather increasingly unpredictable and hazardous, it’s vital that your home remain protected from all the elements with quality roofing. This past winter Austin, Texas saw everything including thunderstorms with heavy rain, freezing rain and even snow. Having a durable, quality roof that withstands all that keeps your home safe, secure and beautiful for years to come.

Material options

There is a variety of material available for quality roofing from the traditional asphalt shingles to metal to wood shingle shakes. Choose a material that coordinates with your style of home as well as designed to withstand the elements in your region. A wooden roof has charm and character but requires extra maintenance in the Texas climate. Metal roofing is durable, versatile, comes in various colors and has a longevity to counter the initially higher investment. Asphalt composition shingles have proven their durability and affordability through generations and are still the most popular choice for roofs. Consult with an experienced and qualified roofer before making your final decision on materials to see what works best with your design and budget.

Roof shape and size

The size and shape of your roof doesn’t necessarily limit your choice of materials but certain factors make roof installation a challenge. A flat roof requires special attention to details such a proper drainage so water doesn’t pool on top and undermine the structural integrity of your home. On the other end of the spectrum, steep slope roofs require adequate gutters to prevent rainwater and ice melt flowing where it doesn’t belong and compromising your landscaping and the grade of your property. No matter what slope and size your roof is or the architecture of your home, quality roofing is designed to protect your assets from every kind of weather.

New construction

With new construction, you have a blank slate that affords any style and material roofing you desire. A challenge with new construction though is that it’s an ongoing process and the installation of the roof must be coordinated with other key components of the structure. Professionals with vast experience installing quality roofing on new construction are prepared and eager to assist you with the roofing needs on your new home.

Choosing quality roofing means not compromising on quality of materials or installation. Your roof is as important to the longevity of your home as its foundation and your best defense against the elements.

At Quality Roofing we use only the highly quality materials for your roof. Contact Quality Roofing today and one of our professionals will help you with your roof needs.

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