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Problem With Your Gutters

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Broken GuttersGutters, like many things in our busy lives, rarely get the attention they deserve until they develop a problem. As spring approaches and your thoughts turn to the cleaning and repairing jobs you have put off all winter, take a few minutes to consider your gutters.

Gutters that are sagging, cracked or broken are not only unsightly, they can lead to costly repairs to your home, your foundation and other areas of your property. It is so much wiser, and usually less expensive, to tackle the issues before that happens.

Give Them a Look

Take a few minutes to walk around your home a give a good look to the gutters. Some problems are obvious, water coming out the top of a rain spout or sheets of water coming from your roof are a signal that the gutters or spout are clogged. Other issues are more subtle and you may not notice them until you look carefully. Look for places where they have separated from the roof, areas of discoloration that may signal the water is overflowing at that spot, cracks and missing segments. Once you have located the issues, you can take steps to rectify them before they cause major problems

Clogged Gutters

If you have a long enough ladder and feel confident climbing it, this problem is easy to fix, simply get up there and clean them out. If you frequently have problems with clogging, you may want to consider having a LeafLock Gutter Protection System, or any other gutter cover systems, installed to prevent leaves and debris from getting into them in the first place.

Cracks and Holes

If the cracks in your gutter are not too large, you may be able to solve these issues yourself as well. A high quality caulk that has been rated for outdoor use can be used to fill in small cracks and holes. Just be sure to smooth it out as much as possible to ensure it does not cause a blockage.

Seek Professional Help

For large cracks, missing segments, leaks, or areas where the gutter has separated from the roof, you may be better off finding a qualified professional to get the job done. Calling Quality Roofing in early to fix gutter problems may prevent you from having major issues later leading to much more costly repairs to your roof, foundation or other areas of your home.

When you need help dealing with your gutter problems, contact Quality Roofing. Our teams of roofing specialists know how to deal with your problem gutters.

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