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How to Remove Mice and Pests from Your Attic

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Pests of any kind can wreak havoc in your San Antonio home – chewing their way through attic insulation, electrical wiring, and slowly tearing apart the overall infrastructure of your home. In many circumstances their antics may result in a need for emergency roof repair. Aside from the physical damage that pests can cause to a house, rodents in particular are known for carrying fleas and unpleasant transmittable diseases.

If you are experiencing problems with mice, squirrels, or other pests, here are a few tips to help solve the problem once and for all.

Determine the Type of Pest

Emergency Roof RepairUnfortunately, it is often difficult to catch a glimpse of the unwanted guests in your San Antonio home. The best way to identify the pests in your house is to examine the scat left behind. The scat left behind by mice, rats, bats or squirrels tend to be pellet shaped and be fairly small – only up to about half an inch long. Larger pests (like raccoons) will leave behind larger scat. Since these pests carry diseases, it is important to take great care when removing their scat.

  • Ventilate the area for about 30 minutes (don’t hang around while it ventilates). 
  • Always wear a protective mask and gloves to avoid breathing or touching the infected droppings.
  • Spray the area with a diluted bleach solution (10:1) before cleaning up with paper towels.
  • Dispose of any scat in a well-sealed plastic bag and immediately take it outside for garbage pickup.

Setting Traps

Mousetraps work great for catching mice, but often do not work very well on rats. Special rat traps are available at any nearby hardware store and pack a much more powerful punch. Considering how large rats can get, it may be best to use a couple screws to properly secure the trap to the attic floor to ensure the pest doesn’t run off with the trap still attached. It is recommended that a homeowner refrain from trying to trap raccoon; they become extremely aggressive when threatened.

Always check with the laws and permits in San Antonio that apply to trapping squirrels and raccoons.  If you are ever in doubt about local regulations, contact a professional pest control team for help.

Employ Preventative Countermeasures

The most effective and humane way to get rid of pests in your home is to prevent them from being able to enter in the first place. Evaluate the exterior of your home for possible entry points and repair any and all holes that are found. If you believe pests have been responsible for damage to your San Antonio home, call a trusted local contractor, such as Quality Roofing, for an inspection and possible emergency roof repair. Our trained professionals are qualified to identify damage and to repair all types of roofing.

When you need emergency roof repair, contact Quality Roofing.

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