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Is It Time to Replace or Repair Your Commercial Flat Roof?

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Is It Time to Replace or Repair Your Commercial Flat Roof?

When regular roof maintenance inspections on your commercial flat roof turn up larger problems, there may be a need for flat roof replacement. If you do have any roof damage, your commercial building is at risk and repairs should be made as soon as possible. Four warning signs that your flat roof needs to be replaced are:

Leaks, Holes and Buckles

Holes in your flat roof can be caused by hail, animal activity or a buildup of debris. When holes are present, damage from leaking water will soon follow. Buckles in your roof will also create small separations where water can pool and leak through to the interior of your commercial building. When the roof buckles from age or storm damage it is also a sign that you may need flat roof replacement. Both holes and buckles are signs that water may already be leaking into the interior of your property and that your roof needs to be replaced.

Exposed Undercoat

The undercoat of your flat roof is beneath the tar or stone that serves as a cover for your roof. When that is exposed, the tar paper can tear and pull away, creating a larger problem. If after an inspection, it becomes clear that the undercoat is exposed in areas on the roof, the roof needs to be replaced.

Torn Vapor or Moisture Barrier

The vapor barrier or moisture barrier on a flat roof is a layer of polyethylene sheeting or other material that creates an impermeable barrier to keep moisture from causing damage to your commercial building. This barrier is vital to keeping mold and mildew from building up, as well as preventing water damage. If this barrier becomes torn or damaged, that increases the chance that your roof will need to be replaced.

Sliding Panels

Some flat roofs are put together with panels and they fit together perfectly once installed. If these panels have come apart and you are not able to repair them, the roof will need to be replaced in order to prevent more damage to the roof or property. With the panels separating, water and debris can get underneath them and create weaker areas on the roof.

If you are concerned that your building may be in need of a new flat roof, it is vital you have a professional like Quality Roofing inspect the roof to prevent further damage to your commercial building. Give us a call today!

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