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I Need a New Tile Roof – What are My Options?

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The right tile roof design can be the final flourishing element in the renovation or remodeling of your home. Since a good tile roof can last 50 years, it is an investment that will reward over and over again!

beautiful tile roof replacement
Tile Roofing 101

Tile protects your home or business, and sets the tone of your roofing project. There are a variety of styles and price ranges available. Tile roofing offers excellent warranties – but always be sure to read what is covered before problems arise. (Your roofing company can help you figure this out.)

Concrete Tiles – These tiles are both economical and durable, and come in three styles: low barrel, flat, and Spanish.

Clay Tiles – Clay tiles are a premium product and a timeless classic. At Quality Roofing, we offer two style options: Spanish S and barrel.

Roofing Accessories

A complete roofing system is composed of a variety of integrated products: flashing, drip edges, and gutters. These accessories ensure that rain fall will flow properly down your roof and away from your home’s foundations. Depending on your desired result and budget, we can replace the gutters you currently have, add new gutters where allowable, or install full perimeter gutters to your home.

skylights with tile roof replacementWhat About My Skylights?

Existing skylights pose no difficulty to a tile roof replacement. The roof can be replaced around them, and they will retain a part of the new product.

If you would like to install new skylights, a roof replacement is the perfect opportunity for it!If your roof currently has skylights, we will keep your existing skylights and install around them, making them art of the new product.

Additional Information for Tile Roof Replacement

Full tile roof replacement can be an expensive endeavor. Choose an experienced Austin roofing company that will ensure you get the most value for your investment.

Use our online Tile Roofing Decider, or contact us for more information.

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