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How Long Can My New Roof Be Expected to Last?

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If you have just installed a new roof on your Austin home, you may be wondering how long you truly can expect it to last. Newly installed tile, metal, and shingle roofing all have certain expected lifetimes and warranties, but there are some things as homeowners you can do to help extend that life.

Tile RoofingIMG_0396

Roofing tiles are traditionally made from locally available materials such as terracotta or slate. Tile’s natural porosity, strength, and weight make it the perfect roofing material.  Tile roofing is long-lasting and one that will withstand the hot Texas climate.

Metal Roofing

residential-metal-cedar-parkMetal roofing has come a long way when it comes to the design. Now your metal roof can resemble wood shake or clay tiles, as well as still come in the traditional seam and flat seam style. There are also more color options. A good metal shingle will last 50+ years. Its cost may be more, but a metal roof may last your lifetime.

Shingle Roofing

GAF Roofing

GAF_Timberline_Natural_Shadow_ShakewoodKnow that when you choose GAF roofing products, you are never making a gaffe. Gaffe? Gaffe is another word for mistake or blunder. This product is not a mistake in any form. GAF shingles are top-notch shingles on all levels. As with most products, your budget determines which level you can afford when it comes to roofing, but know that how long your choice lasts can be enhanced by the maintenance you do.Large_House_Timberline_WeatheredWood_2

GAF roofing shingles have three main levels of warranty regarding their shingles. The Base, which gives a 10-year warranty for material defect, and the Better and Best, with a 50-year warranty. The 3-tab shingles warranties are shorter. As a certified GAF roofing installer, workmanship is covered for 50 years through GAF in the Better and Best system warranties. All three levels are also given the maximum wind coverage of up to 130 mph, which is great since Austin can sometimes be subjected to some good storm activity, as the past years have demonstrated.

Maintenance Tips:

  1. Regularly clear debris and gutters, and inspect for any weather damage. At Quality Roofing you will find a solid selection of roofing materials to explore. Along with asphalt shingles, we carry metal and tile roofing, with yearly inspections and maintenance important for these roofing materials, also.
  2. Punctures and tears from storm damage are the main problem along with ponding of water. Regular inspections and inspections after storms will catch these problems. Regular Maintenance will help your new roof last a long time, whereas neglecting it may lead to early repairs.


For a free maintenance inspection of your Austin roof, be sure to contact Quality Roofing.

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