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Helpful Tips for a Shingle Roofing Insurance Claim

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shingle roofing insurance process tips

Having trouble getting the insurance for your damaged shingle roofing? Getting insurance on any damaged item can be confusing and frustrated. Here are a few tips that can help you to navigate the insurance process a little more easily. 

Know the Process

Before you make an insurance claim, have your roof inspected by a trusted shingle roofing contractor.  The contractor will be able to document the damage sustained and affirm whether it was caused by a hailstorm.

Quality Roofing provides professional experts to inspect your roof, give you repair estimates, and help you through the next steps of the insurance claim.

Make Your Claim

When the cause of roof damage has been noted and documented, you may wish to submit a claim to your homeowners insurance. You will be assigned an insurance adjuster who will arrive at your property to document the situation with photographs and detailed notes.

Communicate Clearly and Thoroughly

The next few stages are typically the most confusing for homeowners. Claims paperwork can be confusing and prices may not match up between your insurance company and the roofing contractor.

Asking your roofing contractor to communicate with your adjuster will help ensure that your policy will cover the full amount required for repairs.

Know Where You Stand

Learning about your insurance policy from your agent will help to differentiate covered perils from those that are not covered.  Hail damage, for example, may be covered.  The water damage that ensues may not be.

Insurance companies abide by strict policies to ensure that they are able to stand up to their end of the bargain.  Most companies are reputable and work hard to protect the insured.

If something is designated a non-covered peril, take the time to learn why.

Follow Up

In the event of a widespread storm, insurance carriers may be swamped by the volume of claims submitted.  Following up with your adjuster and roofing contractor will enable you to know where you stand and how soon you can expect resolution.

Shingle Roofing Completed

In the end, the most important goal is to get your shingle roofing fixed and your home protected.  Contact Quality Roofing for a hassle-free, professional roofing experience.

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