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Festive or Frightening, Fall Decorating Can Be Family Fun

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The brisk evenings and stirring leaves of autumn are natural invitations to get your children involved in outdoor decorating. Whether intended for Halloween or Thanksgiving, or just to lend a cozy touch to your home’s exterior, simple and fun decorations are good ways to spend family time together. At Quality Roofing, we enjoy working on Austin roofing projects this time of year, as it enables us to get out and see some of our local families’ great ideas.

Seasonal Splendor

Fall means gourds, corn stalks, and colorful leaves. Use natural objects balanced with earth-toned pots and planters to spruce up your front entry.

  • Branches, berries, and seed pods can provide accents against the browns, golds, and reds of seasonal produce.
  • Wrap porch posts in raffia, adding colored ribbons in the sunset colors of a fall afternoon: purple, rust, and deep green.
  • Be inventive: get your children to write a message on gourds: “Welcome Fall, Welcome Friends,” and change it up later for a friendly shiver: “Welcome Fiends, Welcome Ghouls.”
  • Frame your doorway. Start with a base that you can haunt up for Halloween but will meld into Thanksgiving with minimal effort.
  • A rustic wheelbarrow can hold jack-o-lanterns, yet easily transition to holding Indian Corn and pumpkins.
  • Keep your deck and patio in play with throws, blankets, a chiminea, and string lights. As your Austin roofing company, Quality Roofing reminds you to avoid draping decorations onto the roof, both for your safety and the integrity of your roof.


From Goblins to GobblersAustin Roofing

Encourage your children to imagine fun frights for Halloween. Begin with these imagination jump-starters:

  • Scarecrow—a simple wooden T-frame with Dad’s old shirt stuffed with straw, and a painted gourd head on top, can get everyone in a silly mood for more fun to come.
  • Bloodshot Eyeballs—paint exercise balls or beach balls brilliant white, use a bowl to outline the black circle of the pupil, then add blood-red veins. Peering from bushes, they give a sly surprise.
  • Wreath of Spiders—ordinary becomes creepily extraordinary when you take a raffia or cotton fabric wreath and add plastic spiders.
  • Remember to display your children’s construction paper turkeys!



With all the fall fun, you still need to respect your roof. Nothing should ever pierce your roof’s protective layers—including temporary staples to hold down decorations. Avoid going overboard, so that when you call for Austin roofing expertise, it is for planned roofing improvements, not emergency roof repair!


Austin roofing company, Quality Roofing, is known for its integrity and trustworthiness. Contact Quality Roofing today for an inspection of your Austin home’s roof. There is still plenty of time before any winter storms come our way.

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