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Does Your Roof Have Ponding Water?

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ponding_water_cropped_1510 002Your commercial roofing system could be negatively affected by ponding water. Ponding water can be defined as stagnant water that remains over a roof for more than 48 hours. Many reputable organizations are now recommending roof designs with a 1/4″ per foot slope so that chances of ponding water are minimized or eliminated. Ponding water can cause serious damage to your business. When this occurs, it is often best to promptly address the issue by finding a reputable roof repair contractor.

The first adverse effect is deformation of the deck structure. Ponding water creates a reasonable amount of weight on the roof which increases the load forced on the roof deck.  As the water accumulates on the roof, deflection increases and puts the structural deck at risk of collapsing. The moisture from the ponding water on the roof membrane also reduces the efficiency of your roof insulation.

New technologies are being invented in response to the effects of ponding water. Roof repair systems include roof coatings or solar roof pumps. In the solar roof pumps, a roof repair technician will install a solar panel over your roof that works with new technology. When the water starts accumulating, the pump is initiated and starts to drain off the water until the area is completely dry. This technique is especially applied to flat roofs where ponding water is likely to accumulate.

Causes of Ponding Water

Some of the main causes of ponding water include:

  • Improper sloping of roof system
  • Low areas in roof substructure
  • Changes in temperature may cause ice formation and these constantly move. Such movement may cause scrubbing of the roof membrane and cause serious damages
  • Algae and vegetation. Where algae forms, humidity is likely to occur and show early signs of water ponding
  • Debris that may cause blockage of the water passage resulting in water ponding.


Choosing a contractor

At Quality Roofing we can help you determine the best roof repair solution to water ponding on your roof.  There is a wide variety of roof coatings available. It is important to match the roof coating needed to your specific roof materials.

Choose a reputable contractor to provide roof repair services when your roof has ponding water. You should ensure the contractor is certified, and has a team of trained staff to perform the repairs while keeping in mind safety precautions needed. This ensures quality delivery of services and also extends your roof?s life.

Quality Roofing has been trained by and holds certifications from GAF, Versico, IB Roof Systems, Berridge Manufacturing Company, and the Tile Roofing Institute. We have the expertise you need when repairing the damage ponding water on your roof can create. Contact us for all your roof repair needs!

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