Do You Complete a Roof Maintenance Checklist Regularly?

If you are in the Austin area, then you are familiar with the harsh weather conditions the area can experience. It is important for you to make sure you take your roof maintenance serious. You want to know you are taking care of any potential problems before they become big problems. Following a roof maintenance checklist is a great way for you to know you are covering everything and not leaving out important areas you should be checking.

You want to have the following on your checklist:


  • Do you see any debris or soil accumulation?
  • Is there buckling or sagging?
  • Do you see any chipped or broken tiles?
  • Are there any loose, dented, or bent metal panels?
  • Do you see any loose nails?
  • Can you see places where there is missing or loose caulking?
  • Are there missing shingles?
  • Is the fascia board rotten or damaged?
  • Are the gutters clean?
  • Are the gutters attached securely?
  • Are there areas where water is pooling in the gutters?
  • Do the downspouts run away from the foundation of the house?
  • If you have a flat or slope roof, do you see water pooling?
  • Are there tears in the flexible expansion joints?

By doing roof maintenance and keeping an eye on the condition of your roof, you can avoid a lot of problems and large expenses in the future. Getting on a ladder can be dangerous, but most of the things you need to check can be seen from the ground with binoculars. If you find you need to go onto the roof, you should always make sure you have someone else there with you.

If you notice any areas of concern, you want to call out a roofing company in the Austin area which has a great reputation. Quality Roofing offers its services to those in and around Austin. We will help you with your roof maintenance, repairs, roof replacement, or other roof related issues in a prompt and professional manner. Quality Roofing has received a number of awards, one of which is the Angie?s List Service Award. Our company is dedicated to caring for the roofing needs of our customers while educating them on their roofs and what they can do to prevent future problems.

Download your Free Roof Maintenance Checklist to assess the health of your roof today!