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Create an Inviting Entrance With a New Front Door

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bigstockphoto_Modern_American_Home_119069_croppedChanging the color of your front door is a quick, easy way to give your Austin home or small business a fresh new look. With a little paint and a free weekend, you can update your exterior style and create an inviting entrance with curb appeal.

Improving Your Exterior and Roof 

Before you choose a front door color, take a look at your exterior features. Since your roof is a large part of your exterior facade, it’s important to choose a door color that will complement your roof color. If your roof needs work, our expert roofing contractors at Quality Roofing can help you with necessary repairs or a complete roof replacement to give your home or business a beautiful new look.

Match the Door to Your Roof

Whether you have a shingle, metal or tile roof, your front door color choices are endless. Take a look at some color combinations that we suggest:

Black or Gray – With neutral black and gray roofs, almost any color will work for your front door. Deep shades of slate, crimson, and cobalt will create a formal entrance, while lighter shades of raspberry, turquoise, and orange will add a casual, welcoming atmosphere.

Brown or Tan – If your Austin roof is in warm shades of brown or tan, bright colors like pumpkin, lime, and yellow will enhance your roof’s warm appeal while adding touches of bold contrast for stunning effect.

Green – Green roof shingles often have strong color variation, so our expert roofing contractors would suggest subtle colors like rust, mustard, tan, or pale green that won’t fight with your shingles. You can also choose a color that is already in your shingles.

Red – Tile roofs are typically warm, clay terra cotta colors that are enhanced by warm, natural shades of bronze, brick, umber, and red-orange. They also look beautiful with richly stained wooden doors. For a lighter, casual style, try Caribbean blue, celery green, or sunflower yellow.

Quality Roofing Contractors

At Quality Roofing, our certified roofing contractors are here to help you with all your roofing needs for your home or small business. We have provided superior roofing products and excellent customer service to homeowners and builders in the Austin area for over 20 years.

Contact Quality Roofing for a free inspection of the roof of your home or business.

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