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Count the Cost – Commercial Roof Failure

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Commercial Roof Replacement

By partnering with a reliable, local commercial roofer, your Austin business could defer the costs of a new roof by many years, but justifying an annual maintenance program takes numbers and facts. One way to look at the expense is to compare it to the cost of commercial roof failure. 

Counting the Costs

To compare the costs of annual maintenance, deferred maintenance and catastrophic failure, you need to consider costs immediately related to the failure (proximate costs), those slightly removed from the initial failure (distal costs) and those that linger long after the obvious effects are remedied (peripheral costs).

Proximate Costs

Whether your commercial roof fails with a series of small leaks or suffers a catastrophic failure such as blow-off or collapse, the immediate costs are both visible and painful:

  • Damage to building interiors
  • Damage to merchandise and inventory
  • Damage to equipment
  • Loss of income due to business closure
  • Cost of commercial roof replacement


Distal Costs

Apart from the immediate trauma of a roof failure, your Austin business faces other, secondary costs:

  • Costs related to indoor air quality
  • Costs of legal claims, such as slip & fall accidents
  • Costs of water damage clean-up


Peripheral Costs

Beyond the site-related expenses, other costs will take a toll on your bottom line for many months into the future:

  • Costs of energy loss from damp or wet roof insulation in heating and—in Austin especially—cooling seasons
  • Costs from higher insurance premiums due to more frequent claims arising from water damage


Postponing Commercial Roof Replacement

The proper strategy to avoid commercial roof failure is to plan for commercial roof replacement on a schedule and within a budget that you, not events, dictate. Let Quality Roofing work with you to design a maintenance program that is an investment in your roof.

A recent study showed the cost of an aggressive roof maintenance program for a commercial facility was only $0.03/ft² per year. Compare this to the $0.15/ft² estimated cost of deferring maintenance, and compare it further to the costs of complete commercial roof replacement, says the study:

  • Tear off and install a new roof—$2.50 to $3.50/ft²
  • New construction—$2.00 to $3.00/ft²
  • Recover—$2.25 to $3.25/ft²
  • Wood deck replacement—$1.50/ft²
  • Steel deck replacement—$3.50/ft²

Quality Roofing can provide your Austin business with an annual inspection and maintenance program that saves your business money by saving your roof. For more information about planning for commercial roof replacement, contact us at Quality Roofing.

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