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Common Repairs for Metal Roofs

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metalA metal roof on a home or commercial building is a sound property investment, because it has great curb appeal, lasts two to three times longer than conventional shingle roofing and is energy efficient. A well-maintained metal roof needs few repairs, but, if there has been damage to your roof or you are experiencing leaks, you need to contact a metal roof contractor before your outside problem becomes an indoor disaster. Below are three of the most common metal roof repair issues.

Sealing leaks

Leaks can occur at any joint or seam on the roof where the sealant has deteriorated. Older roofs were installed using sealants that, over time, could shrink, dry and lose elasticity. If the sealant has loosened or if installation was not done correctly, flashing that covers seams or wall/roof connections can separate. Areas around gables, skylights and vents are particularly susceptible. Temperature fluctuations can cause a metal roof to expand and contract which can loosen fasteners and cause gaps. Tightening and resealing can repair some of these problems, but, in many cases, it might be necessary to replace flashing or fasteners.

Surface damage

A good quality, well-installed metal roof can last up to 40-50 years with minimal problems, but debris such as tree limbs or poles can fall on the surface of the roof, causing dents, cracks or breaks. Even a person walking on the roof to clean leaves or retrieve a ball could create a dent if not careful. Locating any rough areas, patching holes and resealing the section will take care of any potential leaks.

Rust and corrosion

The surface of any roof is constantly exposed to the elements, whether rain, hail or the hot sun. The layer of sealant can deteriorate and allow moisture to corrode the bare metal underneath. Also, if two unlike metals touch, such as the roofing material and the metal around a vent, a chemical reaction can occur that will corrode both metals. For metal roof repair of rust and corrosion, cleaning off all the rust and resurfacing the roof with a good quality weather tight sealant will give it new life and protect it from further damage.

The best way to minimize damage or leaking of your Austin area metal roof is with regular maintenance. A certified roofing contractor such as Quality Roofing can spot potential problems, make preventative repairs and keep the roof over your head looking good for many years to come.

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