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Choosing Berridge for Your New Metal Roof Replacement

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QR 17If you are interested in a metal roof replacement for your Austin home , there are certainly many great options available from Berridge Manufacturing. Berridge is a trusted vendor that provides a wide variety of styles to choose from, allowing Quality Roofing customers to select a metal roof replacement that best accommodates their needs and aesthetic taste. If you’re undecided on what roof style to select, here are a few options from Berridge to get you started:

Batten Seam Panel

The batten seam roof assembly by Berridge gives any building a bold, streamlined appearance. This roof is comprised of panels which snap into place easily. Fasteners remain hidden from sight as well, making this roof system a solid choice for a variety of structures.

Bermuda Roof

Built to stand the test of time, the Bermuda roof system by Berridge is comprised of 24-gauge steel and comes in continuous length panels that make metal roof replacement a breeze. For further protection, an optional vinyl weatherseal can be applied as well. This roof has a distinctly smooth and pleasing appearance that certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Spanish Tile

While resembling clay tiles, Berridge’s Spanish metal tile system is much stronger and can easily be installed over open framework or even pre-existing tiles. Very few accessories are needed for assembling this roof so you can expect installation to take no time at all. Comprised of resilient Galvalume, the Spanish tile system by Berridge is also available in 24-gauge steel.

Rustic Shake Shingles

For a more natural look, rustic shake shingles are an excellent choice. Made to resemble cedar shingles, this heavy gauge metal replacement option is great for both residential and commercial applications. The stamped shake texture of these shingles will make a strong impression and can make any building stand out.

Victorian & Classic Shingles

For both residential and commercial metal roof replacement, the Victorian & Classic roofing tile system by Berridge is the perfect choice. Residential and restoration projects can be a breeze with these simplistic yet attractive tile designs. Like most metal roof systems produced by Berridge, fasteners for the Victorian tiles are concealed from sight and customers have the option to select steel instead of Galvalume.

Although there are many more choices, these are just a few of the outstanding metal roof styles that Berridge offers. Learn more about getting a metal roof replacement for your home or business by contacting Quality Roofing, your local Austin roofing contractor today.

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