BBB Accreditation Renewed for Quality Roofing |

BBB Accreditation Renewed for Quality Roofing!

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bbb accreditation renewed for Quality RoofingWe wanted to take a moment to share some great news:

Quality Roofing’s accreditation with the Better Business Bureau has been renewed for yet another year!
BBB Accreditation is a testament of any business’ ethics and daily practices; a highlighting for companies who treat their customers fairly and honestly.

In order to qualify for our accreditation with the BBB, we had to prove that we met their qualifications, including:

Prove and maintain trust in our community

Advertising with honesty

Represent our business transparently

Protect the privacy of our consumers personal information

Respond quickly and helpfully to customer complaints and questions.

The great thing is that BBB accreditation is not a simple one-time affair: they are continually monitored by the BBB to ensure lasting quality and trust between consumers and businesses.

We’re proud of our renewed accreditation with the Better Business Bureau – promoting quality and trustworthy business practices, something that we strive for daily.


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