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New Completed Project: Bastrop Roof Replacement

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Before: 3 Tab Shingle

Lynn from Bastrop, Texas called us to come look at a property that her and her husband had just purchased. They wanted to replace their 3 tab shingle roof with a metal roof. They weren’t very particular about the type of metal roof they wanted, but after they learned about our specialty double lock standing seam roofing system they were on board. They were also interested in building a new two car garage, so we postponed the project until they could have a builder construct the free standing structure. Once the garage was complete, Quality Roofing came and replaced the shingle roof and dried in the new free standing garage. We matched both structures with a Hartford Green Double Lock Standing Seam Roofing System. Lynn and her husband were pleased with the service. This is what Lynn had to say about us on Angie’s List:

“They were prompt, they were knowledgeable, the quality of their work was good, and their price was good. The way the roof is installed, it doesn’t make the tinny noise. They build the roof in your driveway, and they fix it tight, and there is a strip that goes over the top of it. Steel roofing is very expensive, and they gave me a 300 Dollar discount because we found them on Angie’s List. They came early, he was punctual, he gave us an estimate right on the spot. He went on the roof, and put all the information in his computer, and he could give us the estimate.”
This Bastrop roof replacement is another job that we will back with our 10 year workmanship warranty because we believe in our materials and especially the personnel that installs it.

After: Hartford Green Double Lock Standing Seam Roofing System