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Featured Project: Austin Insurance Claim Roof Replacement

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The owners of this home contacted Quality Roofing to come do a roof inspection on an insurance claim that had been denied for wind damage. The insurance company had concluded that there was not enough wind damage for a complete roof replacement. After the inspection from Quality Roofing, we found that there were multiple areas of shingles that had been damaged by the wind but were not easily noticeable because they had been blown up and they rested back down. When this happens the integrity of that shingle is compromised. The insurance company only accounted for the shingles that had blown entirely off of the roof.

The homeowners requested a second inspection from the insurance company. This time, their claim was accepted and they were able to purchase an entire new roof for their home. Quality Roofing replaced the roof and the homeowners now have a new roofing system backed by a 10 year workmanship warranty to go underneath their new solar panel system. This goes to show that Quality Roofing will do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are taken care of and provided a Quality service.

A couple “before” photos, which show that shingle damage isn’t always obvious:

Austin-insurance-repair-02 austin-insurance-repair-01