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A Homeowner’s Guide to Metal Roofing

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BLOG-metal-roofing-Jan2016If you have been thinking about a metal roof for your home, you may have noticed a few differences in some of the materials. One metal roof home is stunning while another looks quite different. Just like traditional roofing materials, not all metal roofs are equal. Here are some facts you should understand before investing in a metal roof.

Standing Seam Versus Exposed-Fastener

For starters, a metal roof will provide you with a virtually maintenance-free roof for years. Even though you may spend a little more money upfront, the payback is well worth it. Your new metal roof will last longer and chances are you will never have to replace it for as long as you own your home.

You should know the options you have with a metal roof. When most people discuss metal roofing with us, they ask about color first. Although color options are important, keeping your home weather tight should be your main goal. At Quality Roofing, we use a vertical double lock standing seam roofing system that ensures an extra tight seal.

Other roofing companies may use an exposed-fastener system, which is less expensive than a standing seam roof. However, exposed-fastener or thru-fastener systems have exposed screws. These are typically used for more agriculture use, but are sometimes used in residential applications. The exposed screws on an exposed-fastener system are prone to work out of the metal and may tend to leak. Furthermore, a standing seam roof is more appealing than an exposed-fastener metal roof.

Metal Options

metal-roof-copperIf you are thinking about a metal roof, you may want to consider the options you have for metal thickness. At Quality Roofing, we offer galvanized steel in 24, 26, and 29 gauge. The differences in numbers represent the thickness level. When reviewing metal gauge, you need to remember that the lower number is the thickest. 24 gauge metal is typically used in commercial applications, but it is also known for residential use here in Austin due to our severe rains and heavy wind.

Another option for metal roofing is copper, Copper roofs are a great choice for beauty and longevity. Although copper is more expensive, the aesthetic benefits for larger estate homes may be worth it. Copper is also used as accents on overhangs and porch roofs too—adding beauty and old world charm.

If you’re in the market for a new roof, it pays to look into the styles, colors, and affordability of a metal roof from Quality Roofing.

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