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6 Fall Home Improvement Projects

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The cooler temperatures of autumn offer the perfect opportunity for exterior home maintenance and improvement tasks.  

1 – Caulk the Windows

The natural, slight shifting of your house that occurs over time can cause tiny spaces to appear around window sashes.  Unfortunately, letting out even a small draft around a window’s edge can be the same as having a 2-inch square hole in your wall. Taking time to properly caulk the windows can save homeowners hundreds of dollars in heating/cooling costs throughout the course of the year.

2 – Professional Roof Inspection

No matter how new your roofing system is, a regular roof inspection performed by a professional will help to catch little problems before they become big problems.  Summer heat and stormy winds can cause shingles to deteriorate and crack.

3 – Check Your Entryways

Take some time to make a clean sweep of your porch and entryways.  Remove any insect nests and clean the area thoroughly.  Replace any rotten boards or re-adhere loose boards for optimal safety.

4 – Touch Up Your Trim

Unpainted pieces of trim that get wet can begin to weaken, which can become serious quickly by letting water into your home.

5 – Service Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Your heating system is important during the winter, but what many people forget is to have their cooling system checked out. Some HVAC companies actually offer specials if you have both systems checked at once, and with Texas weather it could be sweltering again before you know it.

6 – Polish up Your Landscaping

Some plants require cutting down in the fall, others can only be trimmed in the springtime.  Pay special attention to your landscaping needs.

Thinking ahead is powerful when it saves time and money. Take care of the small issues in autumn, and your winter will be more relaxed.

The team at Quality Roofing is dedicated to helping residents of Austin and the surrounding region to keep their homes in top condition.  Contact us for help with your roof repair and replacement needs.

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