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6 Advantages of Metal Roofs Over Composition Shingles

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QR 27You might say that your roof is your home’s first line of defense from the elements. After all, if it leaks you risk ruining everything below it. Another deadly enemy of your roof is hail, and Austin is hardly immune to that. The fact is, many homeowners don’t pay it enough attention until problems arise. If time and weather have taken their toll, it might be time to consider metal roof replacement. Here are a few advantages of metal over composition shingles:

  • In addition to hail, Austin is also susceptible to high wind conditions. Metal roofs withstand this condition much better than shingles.


  • On average, a metal roof weighs 1/7 of its shingle counterpart, putting less stress on your exterior and load-bearing walls.


  • Metal does not carry the fire risk. In many home fires, the flames spread rapidly because composition shingles contain asphalt, which is a petroleum product! If a neighbor has a fire, it is very common for it to spread to other homes via flying embers, but a metal roof replacement will not ignite. Check with your homeowners insurance carrier to see if this can get you a discount on your premium.


  • Metal may cost more, but it lasts much longer; many manufacturers boast a longevity of fifty years whereas composition is generally rated at fifteen to thirty years, which is optimistic. If you plan to remain in your home for a long time, you possibly will never have to worry about a metal roof replacement again. If you plan to sell, the equity gained by this upgrade is a great selling point.


  • Metal roofs are more energy-efficient. Composition shingles, due to their construction, absorb and hold the day’s heat until nightfall when they slowly begin to release it, much of it down into your attic space.


  • Metal is virtually maintenance-free. No more unsightly cracked and chipped shingles. No more roof cleaning to remove those “inverted ice cream cone” stains often caused by black algae. Many shingles are made using crushed limestone which contains calcium carbonate. This encourages algae growth.


If you are looking for a metal roof replacement in the Austin area, you should have a look at Quality Roofing. We specialize in the standing seam locking system. This system is designed to inhibit rain water from seeping between panels while allowing for flexibility during our hot summer weather. As a Metal Roofing Alliance Quality Contractor, Quality Roofing is the company to contact for your new metal roof replacement.

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