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5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Roof

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Austin business property owners may not give their commercial roofs much thought, but that commercial roof preserves your business. Think about it—a leak could destroy inventory, cause an electrical fire, lead to mold that affects employees, or shutter your business. Your commercial roof can live a long and useful life with these five tips. 

1. Pay Attention to Your Roof

At Quality Roofing we are often surprised that business owners do not even know the makeup of their commercial roof:

  • Is it single-ply?
  • Built-up roofing (BUR)?
  • Modified bitumen?
  • When was it last serviced or inspected?

Plan on quarterly inspections by your facilities manager or maintenance staff, and annual inspections by qualified professional roofers, such as Austin’s own Quality Roofing. A small problem caught early can help you avoid expensive repairs.

2. Prevent Ponding

After thunderstorms or days of frequent rain, a quick roof walk can identify ponding areas. Sweep water away from low spots. This helps the remaining water evaporate quickly, reduces the degradation of roofing materials, and helps prevent leaks.

Ponding perpetuates a cycle, because water weight can deflect the roof deck, making that spot susceptible to further ponding leading to leaks.

3. Preserve Your Roof Surface

The hot Austin sun ages a commercial roof quickly. With annual maintenance, you can preserve the existing surface and prolong the current roof. Applications of waterproofing sprays that also reflect sunlight can inexpensively keep an aging roof going a few more years.

Keep stray feet off the roof as much as possible, by limiting rooftop access. A worker’s swiveling boot can tear a hole in membrane, or dislodge ballast.

4. Patch Perfectly

Knowing your roof means identifying the materials, so any future patching is consistent with the existing chemical makeup. A single-ply polymer that went down with chemical solvent for seams cannot be heat-treated, for example. And glopping hot asphalt on an EPDM is like having no roof at all—the two do not mix, and leaks will almost surely result.

5. Partner Well

For your commercial roof, one of the best ways to preserve it and keep roofing costs low is to partner with a respected local roofer, like Quality Roofing. We have the experience to survey your current roof, make recommendations to repair or replace it, and (if necessary) put down a fresh, new PVC membrane.

Contact Quality Roofing today to see how we can help your Austin business…stay in business.

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