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5 Ways to Enhance the Beauty and Value of Your Home’s Exterior

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With winter well underway, it’s a great time to start planning out that home beautification project you’ve been thinking about. Here are a few ways you can enhance the value of your house and upgrade your curb appeal.

1. Get rid of rotted wood and refinish

Take a look around your house and replace any rotted or damaged wood you find. Any areas that have lost their luster can be repainted or refinished. Pay special attention to your front door when you refinish. Often, a thorough cleaning may bring it back up to par.

2. Fix up the roof

One of the best ways to add more appeal and value to your house is to fix the roof and the surrounding gutters.

Some homeowners opt to move from a shingle roof to a metal roof, which adds value to your house and can be made in a variety of colors to help match your exterior.

If you already have a metal roof, it may be worthwhile to schedule a professional inspection to ensure that there are no developing leaks or other problems.

3. Maintain a crisp property line

Making sure that your fences are still upright, hedges clipped, and the lawn mowed is a great way to keep the outside of your house looking beautiful and well-cared-for.

4. Enhance your landscaping

There are so many beautiful enhancements that can be added to your lawn, from ponds and fountains to rock gardens. The right landscaping can add incredible value to your property.

5. Touch up the walkways.

Your front walkway is one of the first things a guest will see when they come to your house. Make sure it wows them by keeping up to date on trending styles.

Broken stones or cracked cement can be cleaned up and replaced when it loses its luster.

Local, Professional Contractors

Quality Roofing, serving Austin and the surrounding area, offers premier roofing services for local home and business owners.  We might not be able to help with your landscaping projects, but we can certainly help to ensure that your metal roof is in top condition!

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