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5 Steps to Preparing Your Home for a Storm

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With spring, along comes the inescapable storms. High pressure winds can tear off siding; with rain comes the arrival of flash floods; and hail can easily damage your roof. Before the storms materialize, prepare your home for the worst so you don’t have to deal with the consequences after you hear a storm is headed your way.

1. Examine the Exterior

If you haven’t checked on your roof in awhile, now would be the perfect time. You may already have existing roof issues and the storms could easily make the damage much worse. Have your preferred local contractor perform a professional roof inspection and have them fix any problems before it is too late.

2. Clear the Area

Be sure that your gutters and other extremities of your home are secured tightly. In a storm, loose items can blow away without much force. Take down tree branches that are very close to your home. A branch from a tree could pose serious danger to your home during a storm with strong winds.

3. Emergency Kit

Although owning an emergency kit does not really classify as a preparation for your home, it is preparing your family, which is just as important. A standard emergency storm kit should have the following items inside:

  • Water – preferably a gallon a day for each person
  • Non-perishable foods and a can-opener
  • Batteries and a flashlight
  • Candles and matches
  • A battery-operated radio to hear the latest weather updates
  • A generator
  • A first aid kit


4. Consider Investing in Exterior Storm Shutters

If the weather predictions sound bad enough, storm shutters might be a worthy investment. Installing exterior storm shutters on all of your windows, sliding glass doors, and garage doors might be necessary to protect your home from broken glass. Another option available that is not quite as expensive, includes putting up pieces of plywood over your windows.

5. Prepare Insurance Information

If a major storm occurs, having your insurance information ready will be a huge stress off your shoulders. Connect with your insurance agent about how to prepare your home so your policy will cover any damages that might occur. Another helpful tip is to make a list of valuables that have been lost or destroyed. That way, you won’t have to try to remember everything amidst difficult times.

A severe spring storm can bring harmful effects to your home, community and family. Contact Quality Roofing in Austin, Texas for help preparing for those inevitable storms this season.

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