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5 Signs You Need a Flat Roof Repair

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Keeping up with the regular maintenance of your commercial flat roof is essential for the amount of time the roof will last. There are a number of problems that can occur on your flat roof over time and it is important to know how to spot the issues and know when to seek repair from your local flat roof contractor. When seeking quality flat roof repair, you will need to confirm that your Austin contractor is up to date with the new codes, is licensed, and respected. With Quality Roofing, you can count on us.

Just as our name implies, you can rest assured that you will be given the best roofing job in the Austin area and you have the option to be serviced with the following roofing repairs for:

  1. Ponding water
  2. Flashing seams / missing nails
  3. Corrosion areas on metal surfaces
  4. SPF roof air/moisture pockets
  5. Damaged surfaces


Puddles that have collected in various places is a symptom of an initial improper installation, and can lead to a leaky roof. Metal that appears to be rusty has corroded, telling you that in that area the roof has lost its protective sealant.

If your flat roof has missing pieces of flashing and is also missing nails, this could be a sign of serious damage caused by prolonged exposure and strong winds. This can cause more problems involving a loss of protection in the future, and should be assessed as soon as possible before these common problems turn into a nightmare! With cracks, tears, and especially missing essential roofing pieces, leaks are bound to happen sooner than later.

Sometimes the damage that has occurred can leave you feeling indecisive and wondering what to do concerning your roofs condition. Repairing and maintaining can increase the lifespan of your roof, but if the roof has not been maintained properly, and the damage is well beyond normal, replacing the flat roof on your commercial building may be your best bet. The only way to be certain is to schedule an inspection with your trusted contractor.

Perks of IB Roof Systems

When your roof is right on the verge of needing a replacement, we want to save you money and also give you a system that helps you for the time yet to come. Quality Roofing uses the IB Roof System, a durable but flexible sheet that covers your roof. This system provides the most overall security in the roofing industry. For 35 years, IB Roof Systems has used the very best, and highest grade polymers, fire retardants, plasticizers, and UV stabilizers on the market to ensure a dependable, lasting and formable membrane. Because our team at Quality Roofing aims to give the best work to our customers in the Austin area, we work with the IB Roof System.

Reputable Flat Roof Contractors

If you are in serious need of flat roof repair, contact Quality Roofing, your trusted Austin flat roof contractors and schedule an inspection. Quality Roofing will work with you throughout the process, and make sure that you get the quality roofing experience that you deserve.

Flat Roof Repair Options  
Originally published: Dec 2, 2013
Blog post updated: April 21, 2016