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5 Facts About Repairing the Shingle Roof on Your Home

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When looking at home improvement projects to increase the value and comfort of your dwelling, a well-maintained shingle roof repair is a type of investment that will pay for itself over its lifetime. When wind damage or old age require a shingle roof repair, here are a few facts to get you started.  

1 – Hire Locally

Hiring local means more than supporting your community.  Hiring a contractor with an established local address gives you the ability to research their company and have access to records on the reliability of their work.  Most local contractors are also well-versed in local building codes, making it more likely that your roof will pass inspection the first time.

2 – Protect your investment with a warranty

All major manufacturers offer warranties to help protect homeowners from manufacturing defects. Since your new shingles should last up to two decades, an additional workmanship warranty will also help to ensure that the roof lasts the full length. Quality Roofing helps homeowners to understand what warranties are available for a roofing project – and whether your current warranty will cover your repair needs.

3 – Know how your insurance policy works

It is possible that your shingle roof repair may not be covered under your current policy. It will depend on the type of damage, the type of policy, and the age of your current roof. Although Quality Roofing is happy to help with your insurance repair projects, a homeowner’s first phone call should always be to the insurance agent.

4 – Know your roofing system

The accessories of a shingle roof are key to maintaining your roof’s durability. The roofing system is more than just shingles; attic ventilation, flashing, and gutters all play an integral role in safeguarding your home. Regular roof inspections can help to pinpoint when the roofing accessories require repair.

5 – Learn the most economical option

A shingle roof repair can be as simple as replacing a shingle or two and as complex as replacing a rotten piece of decking.  If your roof requires extensive repairs, we will help you to figure out whether replacement may be a more economic decision for you to make.

To learn more about the many shingle roof repair and replacement options available to homeowners in the Austin are, contact our specialists at Quality Roofing.

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