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4 Reasons to Have A Commercial Roof Inspection

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Your commercial roofing system is a valuable asset that you certainly want to protect. A successful roofing management program for your property is dependent on regularly scheduled commercial roof inspections and maintenance. Following are four great reasons why.

1. Extend Service Life

It just makes sense that the better the care that a system receives, such as your commercial roof, the longer it is going to last. The investment of a commercial roof inspection program, such as a semi-annual maintenance plan, beats the expenses of a roof replacement, damage to property, or indoor air quality problems caused by mold exposure. With a little TLC a few times a year, you may extend the service life of your existing roof and forestall early roofing failure.

2. Interior Water Damage

Interior water damage on ceiling tiles and walls is a sure sign of a leaky roof. By the time you see water damage inside your building, the water leak may have already caused extensive damage within the unconditioned spaces of your structure.

One such problem is mold and mildew, which can spread throughout the building and adversely affect the health of your building’s occupants. This can be a very expensive problem to fix, in addition to potential liability to occupants and the cost of repairing water damaged structure.

At least once a year, ask your roofing contractor to include an interior building inspection with the visual commercial roof inspection.

3. Roof Ponding

Roof ponding is the collection of water on flat and low-sloped roofs. Ponding is due to deterioration in the roofing system where the roof materials have sunk or have developed “soft” spots for water to collect.

If your commercial roof isn’t waterproof, roof ponding can swell into an ocean of trouble and expense. In many cases, your old roof can be preserved by installing a waterproof commercial roof coating, such as single-ply PVC roofing material. This way, you reduce costs from a total roof replacement, and where possible, you reap the rewards of greater energy savings month after month.

4. Stormy Weather

Turbulent storms can wreak havoc on roofing systems. Not only do high winds, driving rain and hail cause damage to materials, but flying debris may also penetrate commercial roof. Consider including in your roofing asset management program, a roof inspection following such storms.

Contact Quality Roofing to learn more about a commercial roof inspection program for your property.

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