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Top 10 Things to Require from Your Roofing Contractor

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Your Austin home represents a significant investment. Keeping it protected from the elements is paramount to its longevity. The process of a shingle roof replacement can be stressful for the homeowner.

Asking questions when considering a roofing contractor can help alleviate some of that stress. Here are ten questions to bring to the table: 

1 – Licensing and Insurance

A qualified, well-established contractor should be licensed by the state and provide proof of general liability and workers compensation insurance.

2 – Length of time in Business

An experienced business is a well-established member of the community giving you a piece of mind that they will be there if there are issues with the roof.

3 – References

A reputable roofing contractor should be able to present you a list of previous customers. Check online reviews and with the Better Business Bureau for ratings and previous complaints.

4 – Written Estimates

A reliable contractor will provide you with a thorough estimate that is itemized and easy to understand that includes the cost of labor, permits, building materials, warranties, and disposal of old materials.

5 – Warranty for Workmanship and Materials

A trusted contractor should be able to provide you with this in the event that problems arise in the future.

6 – Contractor Experience

Make sure that the contractor is qualified to install the roof. Manufacturers of roofing products often require that roofers are certified and trained to install their particular product.

7 – Subcontractors

If subcontractors are used then obtain documentation that the sub-contractors are licensed and insured.

8 – Recommended Roofing Materials

Texas is susceptible to high winds and hail storms. The Texas Department of Insurance recommends “products that have been tested to ASTM D 3161 and have an 110 mph wind resistance or higher and ask for UL 2218 Class 4 impact-resistant products.”

9 – Workday Hours

Work with your contractor to assure that this work won’t be too early or too late to affect the quality of life for your neighborhood. Congestion and noise can be an irritant for your neighbors. Try to mitigate this by determining when workers will arrive and leave.

10 – Clean Up Policy

Ensure that any bid includes a clean up policy and the costs associated with it.

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