10 Questions to Ask a Quality Roofer


Texas does not require a commercial and residential roofing contractor to have a state-issued license. This means you, as the customer, are responsible for uncovering the basic financial indicators that your roofing contractor has the resources and experience to perform the work you contract for, such as complete roof replacement, commercial roof repair, or regular maintenance. Call around; ask each commercial roofing contractor these same 10 questions, then select the one giving the best answers. We feel confident you will chose Quality Roofing, but even if you choose someone else, we want you and your business to be protected.

The Ten Questions

  1. Knowing a Texas state license is not required, does your company at least have Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) licensing?
  2. Do you carry workmen’s compensation and liability insurance?
  3. What is your local telephone number and your company’s physical address?
  4. Do you have experience in the type of roofing system my business already has or the one you are recommending be installed?
  5. What warranties for materials and installation do you and your supplies offer?
  6. What is your company’s current workload?
  7. How will you repair/install/re-roof my commercial property’s roof?
  8. Will you provide written estimates?
  9. Do you subcontract your work?
  10. How do you handle callbacks?

Why They Matter

Questions One through Three relate to the ethics and financial security of a commercial roofing contractor. You want to know your selected roofer has taken the trouble to voluntarily rise to the licensing requirements of RCAT. You should work with a locally available company, too, so you can readily get repairs and maintenance in the future.

Questions Four through Seven deal with the work itself—how will your roofing contractor perform the actual work on your business’s roof? Will the job be hurried, with decisions made at the job site instead of carefully planned, or under time pressure to divert the crew to another job?

Questions Eight through Ten go to the thoroughness and professionalism of a commercial roofing contractor. Will the contractor attend to important details before, during and after the job?  

Quality Answers All

For every question, you can trust Quality Roofing to provide the reassurance you want in a commercial roofer. Our company, crews and credentials are impeccable. Contact our offices today to see how well we answer your call for repair, replacement or maintenance.

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