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Roofing Costs and Value Trends in Austin Texas

There is no denying that it gets hot in Texas. When the summer is unrelenting and you are spending more time inside next to the air conditioning or under a fan, it is comforting to know that your roof is insulated and protecting your home from the heat. The dependability of a solid roof not only protects you and your family from the elements, it also has the ability to decrease your utilities. (more…) Read more

Add Value to Your Commercial Property

There are several ways that you can add value to your commercial property, which is always a good idea for both for the present and the future. If you should ever sell your property, all the equity you've built up through value-added projects will serve to significantly increase its appeal, and favorably impact the sale price. There are of course, many more ways that you can positively affect the value of your commercial property, but here are some of the most ... Read more

Even in an Emergency, Demand Quality

If you find yourself needing immediate roof repair or roof replacement, look no further than Quality Roofing in Austin, Texas. Quality Roofing is your local trusted and reliable contractor. It’s in our name, and we promise to give you the best quality work and materials available. (more…) Read more

5 Signs You Need a Flat Roof Repair

Keeping up with the regular maintenance of your commercial flat roof is essential for the amount of time the roof will last. There are a number of problems that can occur on your flat roof over time and it is important to know how to spot the issues and know when to seek repair from your local flat roof contractor. When seeking quality flat roof repair, you will need to confirm that your Austin contractor is up to date with the new ... Read more

10 Questions to Ask a Quality Roofer

Texas does not require a commercial and residential roofing contractor to have a state-issued license. This means you, as the customer, are responsible for uncovering the basic financial indicators that your roofing contractor has the resources and experience to perform the work you contract for, such as complete roof replacement, commercial roof repair, or regular maintenance. Call around; ask each commercial roofing contractor these same 10 questions, then select the one giving the best answers. We feel confident you will chose ... Read more

5 Steps to Preparing Your Home for a Storm

With spring, along comes the inescapable storms. High pressure winds can tear off siding; with rain comes the arrival of flash floods; and hail can easily damage your roof. Before the storms materialize, prepare your home for the worst so you don’t have to deal with the consequences after you hear a storm is headed your way. (more…) Read more

4 Reasons to Have A Commercial Roof Inspection

Your commercial roofing system is a valuable asset that you certainly want to protect. A successful roofing management program for your property is dependent on regularly scheduled commercial roof inspections and maintenance. Following are four great reasons why. (more…) Read more

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

As you are scouring the Internet for a roofing contractor, bear in mind that there are substantial differences in service, quality and business practices between companies. This is likely the case in most services, trades and industries. However, if you want a sound roof over your head, you must find a sound and reputable contractor. Here's how. (more…) Read more

Does Your Roof Have Ponding Water?

Your commercial roofing system could be negatively affected by ponding water. Ponding water can be defined as stagnant water that remains over a roof for more than 48 hours. Many reputable organizations are now recommending roof designs with a 1/4" per foot slope so that chances of ponding water are minimized or eliminated. Ponding water can cause serious damage to your business. When this occurs, it is often best to promptly address the issue by finding a reputable roof repair contractor. The first adverse ... Read more

Are You Ready to Add a Metal Roof on Your Home?

How long should my roof last? How often should I replace it? How do I know it is time to replace it? Which roofing material is best for my roof? Is it time to add a metal roof? If you are a homeowner with these questions in mind, then you have come to the right place. (more…) Read more
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