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What You Need to Know about Roof Waterproofing & Coating

The roof on your commercial property endures a year-round onslaught from damaging UV and infrared radiation, wind, rain, hail, storm debris and foot traffic. Eventually, the roof is going to deteriorate to the point where a replacement is recommended. Before you make that major investment, though, there's another option that's well worth considering: having a roof coating applied to rejuvenate and restore your existing roof system. (more…) Read more

What to Expect from a Commercial Roof Inspection

Here in the Austin area, the roof on a commercial building gets exposed to a yearly barrage of extreme weather that increases the chances of damage to the roofing material, the structure it covers and the contents inside. You can lessen the risk of roof problems by taking a proactive approach and scheduling regular roof inspections. (more…) Read more

What You Need to Know about Roof Waterproofing

The roofing system is your commercial building's first line of defense against the elements, but it can be vulnerable to deterioration and leaks around fastener holes, caulking, base flashings and overlaps. Over time, foot traffic, wind, hail and exposure to harsh chemicals and the sun's UV rays can also weaken the roof, shorten its lifespan and increase the possibility of water damage to the building's interior. Having a knowledgeable professional like Quality Roofing apply a commercial roof coating can allow you ... Read more

What Property Managers Need to Know about Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing has to be professionally inspected on a regular basis. This is the roofing found on apartment communities, condominiums, business buildings and industrial facilities. (more…) Read more

Is It Time to Replace or Repair Your Commercial Flat Roof?

When regular roof maintenance inspections on your commercial flat roof turn up larger problems, there may be a need for flat roof replacement. If you do have any roof damage, your commercial building is at risk and repairs should be made as soon as possible. (more…) Read more

What You Should Know about Flat Roof Replacement

Property managers who are responsible for commercial flat roofs should make it a point to have them inspected periodically, because even the best system will eventually call for flat roof replacement. Rather than have some disaster happen, such as a major leak that causes damage to interior contents, it is far better to look for the warning signs ahead of time. (more…) Read more

How Property Managers Can Work with a Commercial Roofer

Commercial roofing services are for condominiums, apartment communities, office buildings and other facilities. Property managers know that working with an experienced and licensed roofing contractor is the best way to maintain and repair roofs on commercial buildings. (more…) Read more

How To Establish A Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

A commercial roof should have a proper roof maintenance program in place. This will benefit commercial property owners by allowing owners to keep up with minor roof repairs and identify potential problem areas that may lead to costly damage. Maintenance can decrease the chance for leaks, roof tears and other types of damage that would potentially go unnoticed, giving way to bigger problems. (more…) Read more

Asset Management – Including Your Roofing System

When managing property assets, it's critical to give precedence to including your roofing system. Your roof is the most integral part of any building's construction. If a roofing system fails, damage can be extensive; inevitably costing you more money than you were previously planning on investing in repairs. When it comes to asset management, think from the roof top down. (more…) Read more

Count the Cost – Commercial Roof Failure

By partnering with a reliable, local commercial roofer, your Austin business could defer the costs of a new roof by many years, but justifying an annual maintenance program takes numbers and facts. One way to look at the expense is to compare it to the cost of commercial roof failure.  (more…) Read more
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