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Leave These Preventative Roof Maintenance Jobs to the Pros

Leave These Preventative Roof Maintenance Jobs to the Pros

Top Gear’s host Jeremy Clarkson famously took a sledgehammer to his BMW’s engine to “fix it,” and it appeared to work. We at Quality Roofing do not recommend the “Give me a hammer; I’ll fix it” method of roof maintenance and repair. Some tasks are easy for the property manager of Austin to handle; some, however, should be left to the roofing professionals.

Preventative Roof Maintenance You Can Do

Leaving the six-pound sledgehammers aside, your Austin-area business property’s roof is your only protection against wind and rain. Do nothing that will harm the water resistance of that roof. This means tread lightly. Accomplish these tasks and you will actually help your partners in roofing maintenance:

  • Keep accurate records of repairs and semiannual inspections
  • Do visual inspections in between the professional work
  • Log all visits to the roof
  • Keep drains and scuppers clear of large debris
  • Check for signs inside your building of roof problems
  • Take photographs of the roof for reference
  • Gently test flashing to see if it can dislodge or if its adhesives have failed

We do not recommend you visit the top of your roof, but if it becomes absolutely necessary, take no chances: use safety gear to tether yourself carefully to your commercial roof, even if it is a so-called “flat roof.”

Preventative Roof Maintenance to Leave to the Pros

Semi-annual inspections are key to beginning a careful maintenance program for your business’ roof. Quality Roofing recommends an inspection that provides:

  1. Photographic documentation of problems
  2. A detailed report outlining your roof’s condition
  3. Suggested repairs and a schedule for those repairs
  4. Analysis to predict approximate life span of your roof

After working with you to determine the best course for repairs, these are areas Quality Roofing suggests leaving to our expert crews:

  • Removing and replacing damaged, corroded, or loose flashing
  • Resealing open laps using either heat or chemical adhesive
  • Replacing mechanical fasteners
  • Removing damp roof insulation and replacing it with properly sloped, dry insulation
  • Complete cleaning and inspection of scuppers and internal drains
  • Replacement of gravel, built-up roofing sections or modified bitumen sections
  • Repair of single-ply membrane

Our crews have the safety equipment necessary to perform their work with minimal risk. We have the proper equipment to move materials from ground to roof safely, and we know how to keep disruption of your business to a minimum. We encourage facility managers and property managers to contact Quality Roofing so that, together, we can provide preventative roof maintenance to keep a roof over your Austin-area business.

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