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Leave These Flat Roof Repairs to the Professionals

Leave These Flat Roof Repairs to the Professionals

Your commercial roof is a complex system with many components, and it takes skill and experience to know to make proper repairs when problems develop. To ensure that your roof reaches its full, useful lifespan and your manufacturer’s warranty remains intact, it’s better to leave flat roof repair to a knowledgeable, reliable, commercial roofing contractor and handle only basic maintenance chores in-house.

Tackle These General Maintenance Tasks

To keep roof damage that requires repair to a minimum, your staff should make sure the drains are running freely during a heavy rain and clean up any areas of ponding that remain afterward. They should also keep trees trimmed back so they don’t hang over the roof, examine the condition of the perimeter flashing periodically, and check the building interior regularly for signs of water intrusions like ceiling or wall stains, puddles, mold growth, and musty odors.

Leave These Repairs to a Professional

A commercial roofer has the tools, equipment, and expertise needed to make sound repairs to your roof, so it’s best to leave these tasks to a pro:

  • Roof cover damage. Bubbling, blistering, cracks, tears and punctures in the cover can allow water into the roof system that ruins the insulation and deteriorates the decking. Poorly installed or aging membranes can shrink or develop seam separations. A pro knows the exact method to use to fix damaged areas on your specific type of roof cover to make an effective repair that lasts.
  • Drainage system issues. Recurrent drain backups can result in ponding that causes membrane deterioration, structural damage and leaks. An experienced commercial roofer can inspect and test the drains and scuppers to find the source of the problem and get it resolved.
  • Broken penetration seals. A commercial roof typically has numerous penetrations for vents, pipes, skylights and HVAC equipment that are sealed to avert water infiltration and leaks. A pro knows how to identify damage around a penetration rain collar, field wrap, pitch pan, or pipe boot, and repair/reseal the area to halt water infiltration.
  • Flashing repairs. Perimeter and parapet flashing is susceptible to tearing and separating due to normal expansion and contraction of the roof. A pro knows how to find and correct areas of damaged flashing and replace loose/missing fasteners to properly secure the membrane so it stays watertight.

If you need expert commercial flat roof repair in the Austin area, contact us at Quality Roofing.

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