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Is Your Roofer Qualified to Replace Your Flat Roof?

Is Your Roofer Qualified to Replace Your Flat Roof?

You are interviewing roofers for flat roof replacement for your Austin-area business. You need to find three who can provide estimates for the project. Quickly winnow out unqualified roofers with just two questions: 1) Which material for flat roof replacement has the longest average lifespan? [They should answer, PVC membrane] and 2) What is the typical slope of a flat roof? [They should answer, less than 3” in 12” but no less than 1/8” in 12”].

Residential roofers attempting to branch out into commercial roofing will likely not know either answer. Commercial roofers relying on old-school roofing materials like built-up roofing will probably be unfamiliar with PVC’s superior qualities. Keep asking questions until you find the perfect roofer for your needs.

What Do You Know About PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic, meaning it softens when heated but becomes flexibly strong again as it cools. It is an ideal roofing material. PVC membranes can come with fiberglass or polyester scrims as reinforcement. A good commercial roofer, such as Quality Roofing, has years of experience working with high-quality PVC materials for flat roof replacement. This is because PVC is:

  • Amazingly durable, with typical 25- to 30-year lifespans
  • Resistant to degradation from ultraviolet light
  • Highly flexible for quick, secure installation
  • Fire resistant due to a chemical composition including 57 percent chlorine

What is the Best PVC Roofing Product?

Quality Roofing has tried many leading brands of PVC materials in our years of flat roof replacement. We have come to know and trust IB Roof Systems, with its premium line of high performance, durable PVC roofing membranes available in seven colors, including energy-saving white. Some manufacturers offer only one or two thicknesses of PVC; IB Roof Systems offers three thicknesses and several options in each thickness. Other differences with IB Roof Systems:

  • 100 percent non-prorated warranties up to 25 years
  • Uniquely formulated to withstand ponding
  • Lowest life cycle costs of any commercial roofing material
  • Lower energy costs when using white PVC

Judge commercial roofers by the company they keep. Quality Roofing partners with IB Roof Systems because they produce the best PVC roofing material in the world. We are proud to provide our customers with the best choice in flat roof replacement. Feel free to ask us anything about flat roofs. We are not afraid to be judged against other Austin roofers, because we know we are the best. Contact Quality Roofing today.

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