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Best Ways to Be Ready for Commercial Roof Repair

Best Ways to Be Ready for Commercial Roof Repair

Severe weather can wreak havoc on a commercial property in our area of Texas, and it’s often the cause of unexpected damage that requires an emergency roof repair. Although it’s impossible to predict when this type of damage might occur, you’ll be better prepared when an emergency happens by taking these steps in advance:

Build a Relationship With an Austin Commercial Roofing Contractor

A reputable, experienced commercial contractor can help you develop a maintenance strategy to keep your roof in the best possible condition at all times. Make sure that the contractor you choose is familiar with your type of roof system and offers 24-hour emergency service.

Perform Regular Roof Inspections

Inspections should be done semi-annually to assess the condition of the entire roof system, including the membrane, decking, flashing, and drainage system. The inspection reports should detail exactly what issues you need to address so your roof can perform at its best during a severe weather event.

Make Routine Maintenance a Priority

Get the input of your roofing contractor on the maintenance tasks your staff should take care of on a regular basis to limit weather-related damage to your roof. These might include clearing debris from the drains and scuppers, trimming back trees that overhang the roof, keeping the roof field free of general debris and vegetation growth, and removing ponding water after a rain.

Take Care of Needed Repairs Promptly

Scheduling the repairs noted in your semi-annual inspection reports promptly can help limit the extent of any damage due to severe weather. For example, replacing failed or missing mechanical attachments can help keep the membrane from billowing or blowing off from high winds. Fixing open seams or punctures can avert leaks that allow rainwater into the roof system and building structure.

Earmark Funds for Unexpected Repairs

In addition to budgeting for routine roof care, it’s wise to have extra funds available for an emergency. Your roofer can help you determine how much to budget for based on your roof’s current condition and any repair requirements noted in their most recent inspection report.

Keep Your Maintenance Records Up-to-Date

Keep all your roof inspection reports, records of maintenance, repairs and rooftop equipment installations, warranty information, and other pertinent paperwork organized and easily accessible so it’s readily available in an emergency situation.

For more expert advice on how to prepare for an emergency roof repair, contact us at Quality Roofing.

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